Sunday, 24 June 2012


I've talked about my not-so-secret inner goth in a few posts before. It first came into existence in my early teens, when I realised that having pale skin and dark hair wasn't such a bad thing. After a few dodgy experiments with black hair dye and dark purple lipstick, I decided that I could still enjoy elements of gothic style without betraying my love for high fashion, and fortunately there are a number of brilliant designers around that make this very easy for me.

One such label is momocreatura, which has quickly become my new favourite jewellery brand. The 'Nearly Dead' collection in particular has become an all-consuming object of lust for me, and I am now making it my mission to save up for every perfect piece.

All images courtesy of momocreatura

So what do you think? momocreatura is stocked at a whole bunch of places, so visit to find out more.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Editorial: SYN Magazine online

Believe it or not, I styled this editorial nearly a year ago! It has now been published on SYN Magazine's website. Despite how long it's taken, it's been worth the wait and I'm really excited to share it with you now.

Although I love these pictures, I also want to share a couple of ones that didn't make the cut...

Headscarf: Charlotte Taylor

So what do you think?

Photographer: SJ Walton
Model: Lykke (M and P Models)
Make up and hair: Jenni Delfaco

Come back soon for more editorial fun!