Thursday, 28 April 2011

Behind the scenes: photoshoot with Lara Jade

Last week I had the honour of styling a photoshoot for the incredibly lovely and talented Lara Jade. The concept for the shoot was 'colour' with a very pretty spring/summer pastel vibe, so I pulled some beautiful pieces from some fantastic soon-to-be-huge designers including Neurotica, Broken Fab, Two Weeks, E.G. Emma.Griffiths, Migh-T by Kumiko Watari, Loulou Loves You, Rachel Freire and Martina Spetlova.

The whole shoot was a lot of fun, and the team was amazing. Lara is great to work with because she knows exactly what she wants, but she also welcomes creative input from others and likes to try new things. The model, Ollie Henderson of Next, was absolutely incredible too. Not only did she look gorgeous in everything, she was also an absolute joy to work with.

Here are some behind the scenes shots for now. I can't wait to show you the final images soon!

The lovely Lara experiments with some colour

Things got a little hairy...

Lara snaps Ollie in an incredible Neurotica caplet

Ollie rocking a Loulou Loves You flower headband mixed with orange hair, a crop top by Two Weeks and a necklace by Broken Fab

Orange and this beautiful Rachel Freire top go together like a dream

Feeling blue in this delicate Neurotica dress with Martina Spetlova belts

Big thanks to the amazing team for making the day so brilliant:
Come back soon for more behind the scenes fun!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Skin and bone

Hello friends!

Frankie here (of Swell Vintage). This blog is where I will be documenting all of my styling related activities. I will be writing about all manner of things - behind-the-scenes accounts from photoshoots, designers I have worked with or am inspired by, organisations I admire and the events I have attended. If you like that sort of thing then please, stick around - it's about to get interesting!

Recently I attended the press event for Bloody Gray at the ├╝ber trendy Hoxton Pony in Shoreditch - and it was an absolute joy. Not only was the talent offering extremely strong and impressive, but it was clear that Bloody Gray geniunely believe in their clients and are proud to represent them - and quite rightly so.

Although everything on display was unique and lovely in its own way, there were a few designers that really stood out for me. TOSHA's array of black dresses with oversized corsage detail were stunning and powerful, and I was also dazzled by the simple yet striking silhouette courtesy of E.G Emma.Griffiths.

However, the pieces that really caught my eye and (metaphorically) smacked me in the face were the designs by Rachel Freire. Explosive, bold and fearless, Rachel has taken the leather trend and gunned it to 88 (I can quote Back to the Future if I want to, dammit). I don't think any of my poorly constructed sentences could even begun to do her collection justice, so it's probably best you just see for yourself:

(This ring was cast in silver from a HUMAN vertebrae!)

(This piece is made from yak nipples - yes, you heard me right. Yak nipples.)

All images courtesy of

After this incredibly psychantic post it should go without saying that I am well and truly smitten with Rachel Freire right now - especially that incredible ring. I am also really excited that I get to feature some of her mind-blowing collection on a magazine shoot I am working on at the end of the month - watch this space for more on that soon!