Friday, 2 September 2011

Best of British

I've been meaning to blog about Young British Designers for ages and ages, and now I'm finally doing it. Better late than never, eh?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then listen up because you're in for a treat! Young British Designers is a brilliant website that celebrates the very best of the UK's fashion talent. In their own very apt words, "Young British Designers is proud to create the first dedicated retail environment purely focusing upon young talent working in this country (and by young we mean still in the formative years of their brand, we don't really mind if they start designing at 60 or beyond)."

And just because a brand is new, it certainly doesn't mean that it's short on talent. Everytime I go on the site, I find myself increasingly excited by the incredible designs for sale, and the best part is each piece is an investment. You just know that these designers are going blow up and become ridiculously popular any day now, and there's nothing like getting in at the ground floor.

Here are my personal favourite pieces available to buy right now over at

The Mayfair Scarf by David Longshaw & Dominique Mosley, £120

(Photos courtesy of Young British Designers)

And that's just a small selection! I could go on and on...

To find out more about Young British Designers, head over to right now and browse their amazing wares. You can also follow them on Twitter, which I highly recommend because they're ever so lovely.

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