Thursday, 10 November 2011

David Longshaw SS12

I don't know much about art. In fact, I know nothing about art, but I believe a true artist sets out to tell a story. It's not always one that's easy to listen to or understand, but if it's told well it can transport us to a different and unfamiliar world, full of magic, mystery and dark beauty.

A prime example of such storytelling artistry is David Longshaw. He has based his entire Spring/Summer 2012 collection around a dark story of a girl who murders her boyfriend on a trip to Puffin Island. Intrigued? Take a look at his short inspiration animation.

"Father Said" by David Longshaw from DAVID LONGSHAW on Vimeo.

Despite the morbid subject matter, the collection exudes more of a dark romantic feel than a horror show. Although some of the pieces stay true to the murderous nature of the story, using funeral blacks and white lilies to evoke death, there are also rich injections of colour more in line with the brighter tones used in David's iconic scarf designs. As if that weren't good enough, this collection also features more bold and unique jewellery by the endlessly talented Kirsty Ward, whose own work I personally can't get enough of.

In short, I have fallen into a deep dark love with all of it. The concept, the story, the designs - all of it appeals to the secret inner-goth that dwells within my seemingly-sunny exterior, hungering for fashion with more bite than good craftsmanship alone can offer. It was so difficult to pick a favourite piece, so here is a selection from David Longshaw's hauntingly beautiful collection.

All photos courtesy of Iroquois PR

To find out more about David Longshaw and to view more of his amazing work, visit

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