Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Behind the scenes: photoshoot with India Hobson

Today was a brilliant day! Not only did I get to work with India Hobson, a photographer whose work I have long admired, but I also got to style my good friend Skye, who also happens to be a brilliant model. We also had the very lovely Nina Fay doing the make up, so the team was great all round.

We shot in a beautiful house in Islington, and we weren't alone - Casper the friendly cat was on stand by to give Skye his top posing tips...and to try and steal attention!

The theme of the shoot was dreamy, sleepy and romantic, which gave me the opportunity to use amazing pieces by some incredible designers including Draw in Light, Ayten Gasson, bourne by Elise Berger and Fable London. I may have also snuck in some cheeky Swell Vintage pieces, but it all worked in context - promise! I've got the behind the scenes snaps to prove it too.

Thanks for an amazing afternoon, ladies!

Photographer: India Hobson
Model: Skye
Make up and hair: Nina Fay

I can't wait to share the pictures with the world very soon, so come back soon!


  1. Love these! Your new camera seems to be doing the trick eh? :) Can't wait to see the final photos xx

  2. Beautiful styling, Franke! xx

  3. looks like it went fabulously, and the model's hair is sooo long!!What was the shoot for though? Sorry, i'm a new reader :)

  4. Cool photography. I hope I can also take some photos like this but for that I need a good camera. Hope for the best.


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